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Art Collectors

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Art Collectors will often encounter a limited availability to credit when they attempt to secure larger purchases of art or satisfy other cash needs. This creates a need for additional sources of funding, such as ArtFlow Funding to enhance their working capital.  The short-term funding needed to meet such cash flow needs is not readily available from traditional lending sources.  PlatinumArt is now an essential tool to utilize in developing new credit enhancement strategies.  Minimal paperwork is involved, especially in comparison with that of bank loan.  And most importantly: No personal or corporate guarantees are necessary!  In addition, turn-around times are significantly faster, thus eliminating the lengthy re-application process.  As anArt Finance Company, PlatinumArt possesses the abilities to provide initial funding within 5-7 business days.

There is large and frequently unanswered call to meet the capital needs of the largely overlooked sector of Art Collectors.  They simply do not have access to traditional lending sources.  Art Collectors can now be accommodated by alternative and creative financing solutions through PlatinumArt. Unlike banks and finance companies, PlatinumArt is not concerned, in any way, with the credit or balance sheet of their clients.
PlatinumArt management has spent over 20 years satisfying the unique needs of specialty financing.  We successfully funded in excess of several billion dollars to those growing and ambitious companies requiring cash flow solutions.

Inventory Funding

To Art Collectors who want to grow their collection, we provide funding against a selected and existing art inventory for additional purchases. Any Art Collectors are constantly challenged to manage their art inventory and leverage their cash flow.  ArtFlow Funding is the then perfect answer to provide such services. 

The ArtFlow Funding Process: How Does It Work? The client’s selected art inventory is appraised by PlatinumArt’s approved appraisers. Then, the inventory is placed in a bonded warehouse under PlatinumArt’s name. PlatinumArt will then advance you up to 50% of the appraised value of the art. Once, PlatinumArt’s advance plus the funding fees are recouped, the inventory is immediately released to the client. This is a fast and easy process.  It turns the art inventory into immediate cash, increasing clients’ cash flow and strengthening their purchasing power.
Since we operate as a specialty finance company, PlatinumArt is primarily focused on improving the art turnover and cash flow of our clients. Minimal paperwork is involved in comparison with a bank loan and most importantly; no personal or corporate guarantees are needed.

Acquisition Funding

PlatinumArt provides funding to Collectors with a desire to raise capital in order to acquire new works of art. These pieces can be from other collectors, foundations, dealers or properties at a coming auction.

Our ArtFlow Funding program provides a much needed financial resource to secure working capital without incurring additional debts or liabilities.  As a result, the balance sheet remains unchanged and the personal holdings will never be compromised.

The Dealer might need all or part of the funds required for such acquisition. PlatinumArt will utilize the value of the artwork as collateral for its ArtFlow Funding. In case of an auction the funding is arranged prior to the auction.

Minimal paperwork is involved in comparison with a bank loan and most importantly; no personal or corporate guarantees are needed.

Advance Auction Funding

PlatinumArt provides you the necessary financial stability to increase revenue and maximize the efficiency of your art collection.  Collectors look to PlatinumArt to an outsource for art purchases to free up their liquidity. We attentively manage all aspects of the process from purchase of the art to cash on your behalf.

Collectors with desire to sell art assets through auction but need short term liquidity may gain access up to 50% of the low end auction estimate in advance of the sale. These funds may be utilized in other opportunities rather than wait for the sale at the coming auction. Minimal paperwork is involved in comparison with a bank loan and most importantly; no personal or corporate guarantees are needed.