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09 May

Picasso Art

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The morning before the Auction that brought Picasso to different levels ever, Mr. Eyal Levy the CEO of PlatinumArt met with the Senior Specialist of Christie's Ms. Sharon Kim. "Sharon was certain that this painting will create new waves in the impressionist art world" said Mr. Levy
08 May

Tighter lending environment

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Eyal Levy, Founder and CEO of PlatinumArt, says “banks will likely continue to be tight-fisted until credit markets recover. It's simply a much tighter lending environment right now”.

28 January

Christie’s 2009 global art sales

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Christie’s 2009 global art sales total $3.3 Billion, while sales volume decreased on previous years, the stability of the art market and the appetite of the global buying audience were demonstrated by a significant increase in average auction sold rates by lot.